Keeping the Offices Humming

With OpenText’s recent move into the newly opened Bay Meadows Station 3, two spectacularly designed offices in our neighborhood now are filled with workers. What keeps these state-of-the-art buildings humming?

In addition to a top-performing property management team from developer Wilson Meany, Bay Meadows Station offices are served by facilities engineers responsible for maintaining smooth operations.

Taking a brief break from his busy day, journeyman engineer Robert Rains took a few moments to fill us in on his role. Working under a chief engineer, Robert and his team are responsible for everything from mechanical and safety networks to HVAC and environmental systems and more.

In a few words, please describe what you oversee at Station 3 and 4.
I work with the BMS (building management systems) and different teams to make sure that the building runs efficiently and that all of our tenants are safe and comfortable. 

Do these buildings differ from others you’ve worked on previously?
The Bay Meadows buildings are by far different than buildings I have worked in the past. They are much more efficient. 

What’s your favorite part of the job?
Working with such an amazing team of individuals everyday!

Is there a favorite part of either building that you particularly enjoy?
I would have to say the view from the Survey Monkey rooftop is my favorite.

Where do you live?
I currently share a home in Hayward with my wife and our french bulldog Louie.

Have you visited any of the eateries at Bay Meadows yet? Any favorite products?
I have had the privilege of visiting all three locations. My favorite is Fieldwork as I enjoy the occasional beer! They also have an awesome selection of small plates to choose from.

Anything else you’d like to add about working at Bay Meadows?
During my time at Bay Meadows I have met genuine people and hope to maintain working relationships with all of them. I enjoy my job immensely and can’t wait for the next challenge.

An ideally located community, Bay Meadows is only 10 minutes from Palo Alto, 20 minutes from San Francisco, and has 3 airports (SFO, OAK, SJC) within 30 miles. Bay Meadows is also located on Caltrain, which makes travel and commutes that much easier. Talk about convenient! Bay Meadows is the centralized place to reduce commutes, meet friends and play.  Looking for ideas of where to ride? Check out our bike map here.