We Are San Mateo Thankful

We’re feeling grateful for the friendships we’ve made, the people we’ve met and the community we’ve built at Bay Meadows. San Mateo is a special place for so many reasons. We wanted to hear from others what they appreciate about calling San Mateo “home”,  so we reached out to you – the people of San Mateo. Here are some of our favorite responses!

The things that make me most grateful for selecting San Mateo as home are friendship, community, and delicious food options.  ~ Shara Watkins

San Mateo makes me thankful for allowing us to bring creativity to a close-knit community of families, neighbors and friends. It’s a small town with big ideas. ~ Stacie Yun, Scribble Me Happy

Living in San Mateo, makes me thankful for:  the proximity for taking fun road trips to some of the most beautiful parts of our country.  i.e Wine Country, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe just to name a few… I love the diversity in this city.  I love that no matter what type of food you are craving you don’t have to drive more than five miles to find a great restaurant. I love the sense of community that San Mateo gives along with being so close to San Francisco.  It’s just a 20 minute ride on Caltrain.  ~ Stephanie P.

Living in #SanMateo, makes me thankful for the diversity in people, cultures, and in great food! Because of this, I feel that it has helped mold me into a kind, helpful, compassionate, and accepting human being. ~ Luci Latu

Living in San Mateo, makes me thankful for nearby family, friends, and a tight knit sense of community. Also, I am certainly thankful for a short commute to my office at Crystal Springs Chiropractic. ~ Dr. Jordan Savara

The things that make me most grateful for selecting San Mateo as home are: a dog friendly close knit community, amazingly perfect weather, and the incredible number of hiking trails surrounding us!  ~ Hsu-Lien Rivera

I’m grateful for… the people! I also grew up in the village since I was four years old. It’s home for me. I love San Mateo we are close to most places ~ Michelle Campbell

San Mateo makes me thankful for working for a City that is a policy leader in supporting sustainable land use and construction policies to ensure that cities are directly engaged in efforts to address global climate change and resiliency.  ~ Darcy Forsell, AICP Principal Planner/ Zoning Administrator, City of San Mateo

Living in San Mateo makes me thankful for a vibrant and walkable downtown!  Gosh, the list is looong. 3 Bees Coffee, B Street and Vine, Best of Burma, Three, Curry Up Now, Joy Sushi, Philz Coffee, Central Park & Recreation Center, 31st Union, CREAM San Mateo, Kaffeehaus, Pizza My Heart, Draeger’s, Trag’s Market, Kaffeehaus, Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen, Pausa Bar & Cookery name a few! ~ Jessica Alba

The things that make me most grateful for selecting San Mateo as home are the awesome parks and playgrounds, many in walking distance of my home and so many convenient options for how to get around – walking, biking, buses, and trains. ~ Stephanie Reyes

Give Thanks! While it may be topical this time of year, we love it when you share the people and places that make our community “home” to you. People new to the area value your scenic sites and tips on where to go and what to do, groups to join and events to attend. A 5-star review on Yelp, a photo and tag on Instagram or a shout-out + check-in on Facebook goes a long way to all those locals that support our lifestyle year-round. Don’t stop here, pass along some love throughout the year.

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