Welcome, New Neighbor, for the Third Time

Bay Meadows resident Piotr is a fitness enthusiast. In fact, he’s so dedicated to fitness that the thing he looks forward to most in his new home at Bay Meadows’ Victory collection is the 400-foot deck where he’ll set up a workout studio, crossfit style.

Born in Poland, Piotr has lived in numerous places, including San Diego, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago. Perhaps that’s what primed him for moving from one residence to the next and the next in the Bay Meadows neighborhood.

He and his wife Anna originally purchased a two-bedroom home in the Brightside collection in 2014. With their first baby on the way, why not toss a ball in the lottery to purchase a larger residence at Meadow Walk, they figured.

That’s how they found themselves moving into a four-bedroom Meadow Walk home in September of 2016 … coincidentally, on the same day their son Maverick entered the world. You might say it was a busy time.

And, yet, this energetic young family tossed a number into yet another lottery – their THIRD round, for a new home at Victory, Bay Meadows’ collection of single-family homes. Built by Shea Homes, Victory comprises 24 luxuriously appointed residences with open concept interiors, fitted with fine finishes and amenities.

Piotr works in R&D in artificial intelligence in Menlo Park and his wife Anna works at Genentech, making Bay Meadows a central location for their home. Piotr notes that location was a key driver in choosing – three times over – to live at Bay Meadows.

After Piotr and Anna’s lottery success for Victory (1 of the 3 homes sold in the first release), Anna insisted that the family will not move again!

In addition to the large deck at their Victory residence, Piotr is also excited about the spacious rooms, with capacity for a home office and a dedicated game room. “Also, the fact that it has solar is very appealing. I drive an electric car. I’m planning on putting in a power-cell that can charge my car, as well.”

“Community” was another key driver in Piotr and Anna’s commitment to the Bay Meadows neighborhood. “Right now, as I’m speaking to you on the phone, we’re walking around Blue Bottle, walking by Tin Pot and the beer garden,” says Piotr. “We basically walk somewhere in the neighborhood all the time. We walk to the gym, to Whole Foods.”

When they’re not walking in the neighborhood, Piotr and Anna make use of Bay Meadows’ parks – playing soccer (Anna) and basketball (Piotr). With such high-powered jobs and active lifestyles, where do they get the energy for all their activities?

“We’re also walking distance to The Counter, across from Hillsdale Mall, which is one of our favorite local places to eat!”

Walkscore.com rates Bay Meadows high on the list for walkable locations to live on the San Francisco Peninsula and for good reason! Why? Because we are steps from shopping (Hillsdale Center), groceries (Whole Foods), parks, a farmer’s market and an easy bike-ride from downtown San Mateo with its burgeoning restaurant scene. San Mateo’s shared Bay Bikes are on-site, so no need to own your own. And Caltrain is a quick stroll from anywhere in the neighborhood. Learn all about connecting the dots for your many transportation options with Connect San Mateo.