Say Hi to the Neighbors

Bay Meadows makes it a snap to feed your hunger (and thirst) for most everything. Just pop on those walking shoes or hop on a bike and have at it. Whole Foods, Humphry Slocombe. Blue Bottle Coffee. Roam Artisan Burgers. Fieldwork Brewing. All just a quick stroll or pedal away — seconds if you’re speedy, minutes if you’re pokey. Add CycleBar San Mateo, farmers markets, and downtown San Mateo and Hillsdale Mall just stone throws away, and what you get is an urban village alive with action, day and night.

Having Whole Foods next door makes living here a breeze. Need last minute items for dinner at home or quick fixin’s for a picnic in the park? They’ve got you covered. Plus, if you’re feeling too tuckered to ramble to them, they can come to you via Instacart. Place your order and have your handpicked groceries delivered in as little as one hour or when you want them.

Being part of a vibrant neighborhood with services and eateries galore are some of the many reasons why people enjoy living at Bay Meadows. Just ask Sean, a longtime resident: “I really love this concept of a city within a city — housing, offices, public transportation, retail, parks. We love the fact that when we come home on a Friday, we can stay put if we like. There’ve been weekends where we don’t really drive anywhere. We can walk to Peets, to Whole Foods. We love that!” A lot of others do, too.

In fact, rates Bay Meadows as “Very Walkable” with most everything you need just a hop away, including a train next door to take you up and down the Peninsula.

Stroll over and take a look for yourself.