Mid-urban Living for Family of Three

Originally from Bangalore – a densely populated city with numerous restaurants and bustling activity – Hema had been accustomed to urban life and enjoyed the options that city living offered.

After moving to the Bay Area, she and her husband settled in Sunnyvale, a convenient location for each of them to commute to their tech jobs in the South Bay … until Hema’s San Jose-based company moved to San Francisco.

For a time, Hema made do with the new extended commute on Caltrain from Sunnyvale. “I love the train but … we had the last-mile problem and suddenly I’m traveling from the South Bay up to the city … it became frustrating.”

Hema began clocking the time it took her to travel home. The bullet train at rush-hour took 51 minutes. Not bad. But add to that to the time to wait for her husband to pick her up at the station or hail a ride service for the last stretch to home. “And I didn’t want to park my car in the Caltrain lot because it often got too full. It all became too much.”

Hema found herself leafing through real estate booklets, despite having just bought a new home in Sunnyvale. “When we visited Bay Meadows, I loved, loved the vision that Yvonne and T.J. shared with us, this being a mid-urban community and access to all the amenities and the train was right there!”

“We liked the idea of buying a new home, new, solid construction, new windows, eco-friendly appliances, new everything.” The family purchased a two-bedroom townhome at Meadow Walk last summer and welcomed a baby girl in the fall.

And now the family of 3 is all about mid-urban living. “Every Saturday morning, the first thing we do is walk across the way to Blue Bottle for a waffle and coffee, then take the train to the city or walk to Whole Foods.”

The move to Bay Meadows must have been fate for the growing family; Hema’s husband’s company has since relocated to San Mateo and he enjoys a five-minute commute.

And even baby Aira is down for the amenities at Bay Meadows. “All she knows in her world is Tin Pot Creamery and that the train stops right by her house.”


Come unwind at the Peninsula’s next street-front retail and entertainment destination. Delaware Street – Bay Meadows’ welcoming social street – features over 40,000 square feet of Midurban retail space. With recent news of Bay Meadows’ first retail tenants – Blue Bottle Coffee and Tin Pot Creamery – there’s no stopping momentum for this special gathering place boasting artisan eateries, as well as specialty fitness and unique retail. Delaware street was carefully designed with angled parking and large landscaped walkways to create a walkable and inviting experience that is highlighted by our large Town Square. Interested in retail leasing at Bay Meadows? Contact RetailWest to learn more >