Meet The Savara Family at Bay Meadows

Meet Jordan and Linh Savara, San Mateo locals who live, work and play in our hometown and wanted to stay local! Jordan is a business owner and chiropractor who enjoys a short commute to Crystal Springs Chiropractic, while Linh is currently a stay at home mom caring for their (very) cute baby. The Savara family purchased at Meadow Walk by Shea Homes and are busy nesting! “We have had a lot of fun decorating our new home. We have painted accent walls and added some light fixtures. We are about to add a fun backsplash to our kitchen. We feel like it was so nice when we moved in, we just had to add some personal touches.”

“We have been interested in Bay Meadows for a while. We chose San Mateo because we work in San Mateo and didn’t want a long commute. Bay Meadows appealed to us because it is a new development, nearby parks, up and coming businesses, relaxed feel and proximity to CalTrain.”

You’ll Find The Savara’s in Gardening in Persimmon Park and Playing at Paddock Park

This is our first year having a garden. We have planted tomatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, peppers and rosemary. Some have proven to be more successful than others but we have enjoyed the learning experience. Gardening is pretty rewarding. We have attended a couple of Mom and Dad days. It’s a fun environment with entertainment for the kids.

Bay Meadows illustrates the best of the suburbs and urban living by feeling like it’s quiet but you are walking distance to a brewery, shopping and dining. The community itself is welcoming and you are able to build relationships with your neighbors. You really have the best of both worlds.

Meet The Savara’s in the Beer Garden

The best part about the Fieldwork Bear Garden is the beer! I also love the outdoor vibe with fire pits and bocce ball court. My favorite beer is the Shanty Town brown. The rotisserie chicken tamale is also delicious. We are looking forward to Roam Burger, Tin Pot Creamery and of course Blue Bottle Coffee.

In Addition to Entertaining Family and Friends, You’ll Find The Savara Family Out and About

In the summer, we enjoy music in the park at Central Park….(and) also enjoy trying out new restaurants downtown. We use CalTrain to travel up and down the peninsula. We mainly use it to get to San Francisco. It takes the stress out of parking! We enjoy leisurely bike rides and recently got a trailer to attach to our bike so the baby can ride. On Sundays, they close part of Canada Road for biking and other activities. It’s a nice ride and safe ride. We also ride our bike out at Sawyer Camp Trail.

Experience Midurban life. Bay Meadows is a family-friendly neighborhood with lots of open space to enjoy all year long. Whether it’s growing your own vegetables in a gorgeous community garden with expert guidance, playing a game of pick-up basketball after work, team building over bocce, picnicking with family on warm summer nights or getting fit with pop-up fitness and yoga classes curated just for you, there’s no shortage of green space to explore. If you have little ones, don’t miss Momdays on Mondays in Paddock Park! Check out life out and about at Bay Meadows by following us on Instagram.