Meet Kathrin, recently relocated from Germany now living at Fieldhouse

We all know that Germany is the green leader in sustainability.  Are there any similarities between there and the Bay Area?

There are many similarities between the Bay Area and Germany in terms of sustainability.    For example my husband is working for BMW and they work in Germany as well as in the Bay Area on zero emissions vehicles such as the full electric i3 or the plug in hybrid i8 and a sustainable production process with hydro power for carbon fibre production. The energy for the production of i3 and i8 vehicles is produced by wind power and the interior of an i3 is made out of 25% recycling material.

What types of things do you enjoy exploring in San Mateo?

We love to explore new restaurants in the area as well as local music festivals (such as the Central Park Music Series every Thursday night).

Have you attended any events at Bay Meadows?  If you could choose to see more events what would they be?

We really liked the open air cinema night with a great DJ, food trucks and generally a cool atmosphere. I also love the Monday afternoons at Paddock Park with music and family friendly shenanigans. I would love to see an ongoing “twilight tails” event.

How do you like living at Fieldhouse?  What are some of your family’s favorite amenities at Bay Meadows? 

We really enjoy living at Fieldhouse– it is such a young, dynamic, vibrant and international atmosphere. The location is fantastic, close to San Francisco and close to the Valley. We also appreciate the support and help from the Fieldhouse staff, they are always eager to help. The spacious, clean pool definitely is one of our highlights.

Quick Fire Round

Favorite Restaurant in San Mateo: Sushi Sam

Favorite “green” product for the home: Lavender multi surface everyday cleaner from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

3 words to describe Bay Meadows: fun, great location, high standard

We are excited to announce Kathrin will be teaching a pop up Yoga class on September 26th in Landing Green Park.  Kathrin is a certified Yoga instructor and currently teaches classes at Nandi Yoga.  Please join us by the Bocce Courts in Landing Green Park (200 East 28th Ave) at 9:30am.

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