Meet Jason and Marcella from Bay Meadows

Jason and Marcella are some of the pioneering homeowners at Bay Meadows and were so excited about the community that they purchased their home before even seeing a model home. Both originally from San Mateo, they knew they wanted to put down roots in the area and are beyond thrilled now that they have recently welcomed a new family member into their house—their first child.

What are your top three reasons you chose to make Bay Meadows your home?

• Close to family and friends
• Central location for commuting to work – we love being walking distance to Caltrain
• Great investment potential

Do you have any funny stories about your life at Bay Meadows so far that you could share?

Walking in the parks has been a SAVING GRACE to get our baby to sleep!
Jason said, “We would be totally lost without the parks”

What inspired you to start organizing other residents who are parents via Google Groups?

We wanted to help foster a community in which neighbors know each other. Since everyone is new to Bay Meadows, we thought it was important to facilitate social events, contact information, and discuss important issues. From both groups, we have already had a bunch of social parties, got the city to extend the red curb on 28th for safety, and had a bunch of hand me down items for new babies passed around.

As someone who grew up in San Mateo, what you do you think is exciting about the future of the City? Do lots of your childhood friends live nearby?

“The transformation of Bay Meadows and Downtown have been tremendous.” It’s even better to be a part of it. It is not unusual to have trouble finding parking downtown, waiting in lines for ramen or Philz Coffee.  San Mateo has become the happening place to be!
We had some friends who were living here before us, and quite a few have migrated south from San Francisco since we made the same move. San Francisco has become crazy expensive, and most people need a central location for commuting.


Quick fire round (1-word or phrase)

Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon together: Picnic in the park
Best local bite: Too many to name! Just bookmark everything in Yelp and try to get through them all!
3 words you’d use to describe Bay Meadows? Exciting, Sophisticated, Entertaining.

Favorite home technology devise or trend: Apple PhotoStream. Having a new baby and coming from a big family, it is so much easier to upload baby pics to a shared location and have it go out to people rather than text pictures individually. We have 526 shared photos in 4 months!


Bay Meadows is a family-friendly neighborhood with lots of green space to enjoy all year long.  Whether its growing your own vegetables in a gorgeous community garden with expert guidance,  playing a game of pick-up basketball after work, team building over bocce and beers, or picnicking with friends and family on warm summer nights for Movies in the Meadow,there’s no shortage of green space to explore.  If you have little ones, don’t miss Momdays on Mondays in Paddock Park!