‘Mirror Labyrinth NY – for California’ at Town Square

For thousands of years, we have been intrigued and captivated with the winding pathways of labyrinths.  Whether they represent a journey in one’s life or a conduit for meditation, their maze-like qualities continue to fascinate and inspire.  Experiencing a labyrinth is easier than you may think; look no further than the Town Square at Bay Meadows in San Mateo.

The public art addition to Bay Meadows’ Town Square is by internationally-acclaimed Danish artist Jeppe Hein. The installation, Hein’s first artwork on permanent exhibition in California, is called “Mirror Labyrinth NY – for California”. For Hein, art should be incorporated into daily life. “For me, the concept of sculpture is closely linked with communication. Rather than passive perception and theoretical reflection, the visitor’s direct and physical experiences are more important to me.”

He goes on to explain his vision.  “My approach to a public project focuses on the attempt to integrate art into everyday life, by embedding it into the area. The relationship between artwork, architecture, and the private and public space is my key concern….Interaction is a distinctive element of my artwork, thus the viewer plays a vital role.”  You can learn more  about the artist here.

Instagram Credit: @redwoodtails

The public art installation allows visitors an interactive experience as well as a backdrop for some unique photographic opportunities. It has also become a draw for Instagram users to showcase some incredible photography.


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Stacy Weiss on Facebook commented “A-MAZE-Ing public art in San Mateo. Thank you #San Mateo County Arts Commission and Bay Meadows and #JeppeHein”.

For those of you who can’t get enough of Labyrinths, check out Labyrinth Journeys of Facebook; they showcased “Mirror Labyrinth NY – for California” in a recent Facebook post.  “Labyrinth Journeys” is a documentary which captures the stories of people who use labyrinths in several different settings and explores the powerful effect these circular pathway have on their lives.

Stop by Bay Meadows’ Town Square and experience the #ArtInMotion. Be sure to check-in at Bay Meadows publicly or tag us @baymeadowslife #baymeadowslife, we’ll be selecting favorites to showcase throughout the year!

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