It’s Simply Not Summer Without Ice Cream

It wouldn’t be summer without everyone’s favorite cool, creamy, sweet treat!

Make sure you stop by Tin Pot Creamery in Town Square and check out their new flavor, Cherry Corn Cream, starting August 14th! What is Cherry Corn Cream you ask? A sweet & tangy ice cream infused with real, organic corn with dark, organic cherries swirled right in. The combo of juicy, tangy cherries with the sweet, buttery corn cream make the perfect summertime treat.

Are you a Bay Meadows Resident? Don’t pass this opportunity to *get 50% off your 2nd Cherry Corn Cream treat through August 30th! Simply stop by the Bay Meadows management offices of Russell and Fieldhouse for your coupon. For HOA members, you can find your coupon in the mailbox areas.*

We reached our to the team at Tin Pot Creamery right here at Bay Meadows to get the scoop on favorite flavors, “secret menu selections”, summer pastimes and the stand-out quality ingredients behind the brand.

Blackberry Jamble & Oya Farm Strawberry

Did you know? Tin Pot Creamery products are completely made by hand in small batches…that not only includes the ice creams but cookies and other baked goods as well. Summertime seasonal flavors include the very popular Blackberry Jamble ice cream and Oya Farm Strawberry ice cream which use local, organic dairy from Straus Creamery and  Clover Sonoma.  When fresh ingredients are used that means when late season blackberries are handy TPC extends Blackberry Jamble season! Here’s a little bit about the #BerryDelicious flavors released for summer straight from Tin Pot Creamery’s CEO, Evelyn Scalora:

Blackberry Jamble Ice Cream uses fresh, seasonal blackberries in our homemade jam that is swirled throughout the sweet cream and then more blackberries are baked into a rich, butter oat jamble crust that is layered into the ice cream to create the perfect balance between buttery, sweet and tart.

Oya Farm Strawberry Ice Cream uses local, organic strawberries from Oya Farm that are perfectly ripe for our homemade jam that is then blended into sweet cream to create a luxurious and delicious strawberry ice cream.

Stemming from the belief that people should have access to real, whole foods that taste amazing as this is one the great joys of life, Tin Pot Creamery’s CEO, Evelyn Scalora has spent her entire career in the natural food and health and wellness industries with a passion for brands that improve lives as well as make people happy.  Prior to Tin Pot Creamery she spent the last 7.5 years at Jamba Juice launching the brand in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

It was an incredible experience to bring wellness-focused products to these areas of the world where natural options are not as prevalent and teaching people that real, whole foods can taste delicious.  Being on the international road for so long was wonderful but I knew I was ready to spend more time at home.  So it was shear luck and timing that I met up with Tin Pot Creamery’s founder Becky Sunseri and we connected over our love of natural, delicious foods and commitment to providing people with the highest quality product experiences.

Immediately impressed with the Tin Pot culinary team’s small batch, handcrafted approach to creating ice cream and baked goods resulting in the most robust and interesting flavors, Evelyn researched artisanal ice cream brands in the Bay Area found that Tin Pot was unique in using its made from scratch baked goods as ice cream inclusions and toppings.

The combination of innovation and commitment to high quality, great tasting products are what make Tin Pot Creamery standout and are what brought me to the brand.

Go underground and order the  “Butter Beer Float” , a “secret menu” item during your next visit!  “People love it because of the Harry Potter inspiration and the float is absolutely delicious as it combines our Salted Butterscotch Ice Cream, Almond Toffee, Cream Soda and Whip Cream” says, Evelyn.

The most popular flavor? Cookie Monster! “…made with our organic sweet cream ice cream which is layered with our home made eggless cookie dough and Black Magic Cookie crumbles. Customers love this product because it delivers cookies in two different delicious ways.

Have you met the TPC Bay Meadows team yet? Get the scoop from the faces behind your San Mateo store as they share favorite summer past times, what they look forward to and their favorite flavors!

Evelyn Scalora, CEO – Long hikes with my family in the South Bay (Edgewood Park) followed by a visit to Tin Pot!  Flavor: Rich Chocolate Ice Cream with Dark TCHO Chocolate Shards.

Jenny Bernabe, District Manager – Chilling at the pool and spending time outdoors with the kids.  Flavor: Earl Grey.

Jessica, Shift Lead – Every summer I look forward to the days spent at the beach or the lake, and spending quality time with my friends and family around a campfire. My favorite item on the TPC menu is Salted Butterscotch, paired with our salted caramel sauce.

Leyla Borluca, Key Holder – Going to the beach and surfing, hanging with friends! Flavor:  Malted Milk and Mint Chip with hard chocolate shell.

Claire Fuenzalida,  Scooper – Getting a well deserved break from school, and time to work on personal projects. I love the cookie monster and tcho chocolate, but it’s hard to choose!

Alyssa Dela Cruz, Shift Lead – As Summer approaches I look forward to concerts, camping trips and weekend getaways to new places with my family and friends! My favorite thing at TPC is Malted Milk with hot fudge and toasted pecans.

Mckayla Odessky, Scooper – For summer I always look forward to hanging out with friends and family and heading down to the beach! My favorite flavor at TPC is the Salted Butterscotch.

Cookie Monster, Oya Farm Strawberry, Rich Chocolate Ice Cream with Dark TCHO Chocolate Shards and homemade Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt

Christina Tran, Scooper, In the summer, I look forward to going out and having new experiences, My favorite flavor is earl grey.

Tim Smith, Key Holder – Nothing fancy for Summer, just save money for taxes. Malted milk is my fav.

Andrew Osgood, Scooper – What I look forward to during the summer is traveling and hanging out with friends and family. My favorite flavor is Cookie Monster.

Izzy Coelho, Scooper – Making money, spending time with friends, and relaxing. Flavor: Lavender with Lemon Poppy Cookies.

Eduardo Perez, Key Holder – I always look forward to summer! Love traveling and hanging out with family and friends!! My favorite TPC flavor is Mint Chip.

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