Creating Stylish Homes and Strong Bodies

Exercise instructor and interior designer? Yes, the two can go together!

One of the mottos for LIFT Exercise is “together we reach and inspire.” The tagline is embodied perfectly in LIFT instructor Erin Greene (pictured above, second from the right). A recent resident of San Mateo, now living with her son Grady in San Francisco, Erin is proof positive that recognizing and fostering one’s own talents can have beautiful results.

With a credential in education, Erin is a natural as a teacher. Several years ago, she was getting deeper into her own fitness regimen, attending classes 5 times per week. The thought dawned on Erin that she could be an exercise instructor herself. Fast forward and Erin is an integral member of the LIFT Exercise team, teaching BIKE classes at LIFT Bay Meadows.

“I’m so grateful for this time in my life. Sometimes the universe leads you in a direction and if you’re open to it, great things can happen.”

That statement was in reference not to the serendipity of discovering her own fitness instructor talents, but to becoming an interior designer. “I had been designing informally for a while. Friends would come over to my house and say, ‘I love your design. Could you help me figure out how to make my room more beautiful?’”

(images below courtesy Savvy Images)


Projects for friends flowed into small projects for friends of friends until today, Erin Greene Designs is a full-service residential interior design firm. From large remodels to simple makeovers, Erin helps clients create a space that represents their personality and personal style.

“Just about anybody can make a space look ‘nice.’ I want a space to speak to somebody’s personal style. I want my clients to relate to the colors in the room and the textiles.”

Erin recently designed a home for two Bay Meadows Victory residents. The task was large. The family was buying up from a townhome at Bay Meadows to one of the community’s new single-family homes. The increase in square footage alone was significant. The clients said, “We need help with everything, from top to bottom.”


And help them Erin did! As you’ll see in these photos, the family’s new home at Victory is warm, but still simple and elegant.

Erin’s work with clients can range from personal consultations to exploration through a simpler e-decor questionnaire. To learn more about Erin, visit


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