No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

As the warm summer breeze guides us into fall, the new season brings a change in colors, delicious crisp apples, and pumpkins! It’s impossible to imagine your annual Halloween without carved pumpkins…or is it? There is no doubt that carved pumpkins are magical and nostalgic during this time of year but we’ve found a few cool no-carve ideas that look amazing and may change your mind about gutting your gourd this year!

Sweater Pumpkins: Use an old sweater and twine to keep your pumpkin warm and looking festive.

Puffy Paint Pumpkins: Give your gourd 3D dimension with puffy paint and studs.

Chalkboard: Use chalkboard paint and change your design daily!

Candy Corn Pumpkins: Use cone-shape pumpkins and spray-paint each end to create oversized ombre treats.

Alien Invasion: Create something out of this world by painting a pumpkin black and gluing on creepy alien eyes.

Black Pumpkin + Stickers: Paint your pumpkin black adhere shiny silver stars, letters and sparkly stickers.

Ribbons: Use leftover ribbon and rickrack to decorate your pumpkin.

Pom-Pom Pumpkins: Glue colored pom-poms to a plain or painted pumpkin using tacky glue.

Tattooed Pumpkins: Apply temporary tattoo for an edgy, eye-catching pumpkin.

Colorful Crayon Drip: Make a colorful pumpkin with crayons, glue and a blow dryer.

Menacing Mummy: Use cheesecloth and black construction paper to create this mummy.

Glitter: Paint a pumpkin your favorite color, hot glue on rhinestones and sprinkle with glitter to add some sparkle. Masquerade Masks: Paint your pumpkin a bright color, then add a fancy feathered mask.

Elaborate Sharpie Patterns: Pumpkins are the perfect canvas for Sharpie designs, so go crazy.

Leafy Centerpiece Pumpkin: Flatten fall foliage, brush decoupage glue on a white pumpkin and arrange.

Painted House Number: Add your house number with marker and paint! Classic and clean.

Heavy Metal: Spray your pumpkin with gold, silver or bronze paint for a shiny outcome.

You can also create a magical mix of embellished, painted, and gold leafed pumpkin to adorn your doorstep as decoration for the fresh fall season. We love the inspiration look that A Beautiful Mess blog gives us!

These are just a few of the many simple patterns and ideas out there to help get your creative juices flowing while creating your holiday pumpkin decorations, so have fun, get be creative and Happy Halloween.

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