Meet-up Virtually from Home

Game Night. Virtual Happy Hour. Movie Club and more! Nights out with friends may be on pause, but nights in are having a moment. Thanks to technology, you can still hang out and plan to Meet-up virtually in your home with friends and family. Here are some ideas on how to stay connected and social from the comfort of home:

Decide on a Chat Platform. Pick the video chat platform that’s easiest for everyone. There are several options including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger/Portal, House Party, and Skype. Take a poll and select the platform your attendees are able to easily join.

Make the Guest List. A virtual social hour can work with any group of people you would normally connect with, from co-workers to good friends and even family members. But keep it small, under 8 works best. It’s harder to manage a conversation with too many virtual voices.

Set the Time and Duration. Limiting your happy hour to an hour will keep friends engaged and eager to come back for another one. Keep it short and sweet, then make plans to do it again.

Choose a Theme. Every party is more fun with a theme and the act of getting ready grants a sense of normalcy. Here are some fun ideas: Iron Chef, Game Night, Movie Review Club, Wine + Cheese Tastings, Beer Pairings, Ice Cream Socials, How to Help Super Heroes, Pajama Party, Afternoon Tea, Spa Day, Book Group, Paint Night, Remote Life Tips, Homeschooling Support Group, Re-Visit Halloween or simply ask everyone to dress like they normally would for a night out on the town.

If it’s a Happy Hour, Settle on Drinks in Advance. To get into the happy hour spirit at home, send out a simple cocktail recipe before virtual happy hour so friends can gather supplies and drink in sync if they choose to. Don’t feel like crafting your own cocktail? Get Crowlers to Go or Cocktails to Go from a local spot.

Set the Mood. Wherever you hold your happy hour, make sure the lighting is bright enough so others can see you. Get the conversation started by circulating an evening outline first or asking a single question or inviting all friends to share something new that has happened or something that they were grateful for. Be a good listener and let everyone participate.

LIFT at Home. Are you a member? Join an online classes at home, LIFT is streaming live classes at 6:30am and 4:30pm. Plan a virtual Meet-up with other members to stretch or discuss fit tips before or after, or even plan a virtual mixer with your LIFT community friends to enjoy a wine night or healthy eats exchange.

Netflix Night. Decide on a flick and kick back for a movie night. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows.

Ice Cream Social. Enjoy a sweet evening with family. Get your favorite flavors from Tin Pot Creamery delivered to those you love most and have the kids chat with family members! Talk favorite flavors, toppings and more – get creative and get the kids involved. (Tin Pot ships nation-wide. Share some love from home.)

Iron Chef. A great way to hone in on your chef skills! Pre-select 4 ingredients and allow each member to add one “secret ingredient” (plus seasoning of their choice) in advance. Before the virtual Meet-up, creations are made and shown to others discussing recipes, flavors and how-to Q/A.

Game Night. Choose a game that requires minimal equipment — something like Say Anything, Yahtzee (only one needs game – others can play with dice), Charades, Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, or Hedbanz.

Paint & Sip. Gather some art supplies and do an art project while you video chat your friends. You can all attempt to make the same thing or you can each work on individual projects while you chat. Add in a bottle of wine and let the good times roll!


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