Focus on San Mateo Focus

Listen up! There’s a new Podcast in town and it’s been created with you in mind. Episodes are approximately  5 minutes and drop every week on Thursday, narrated by Judy Gordon. We cannot think of a better time to tune in and discover the ins and outs of the place you call home. Start planning your summer calendar now and fill it through fresh eyes on places you may have missed in your own backyard. Introducing San Mateo Focus, the first episode aired on 11/7/2019 and as of 4/4/20, there have been 23 episodes recorded all about San Mateo. In fact, the first episode talks about why San Mateo Focus was started, listen here.

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As a long time resident of San Mateo, having worked in a few different San Mateo based startups and more recently, two years working with the Downtown San Mateo Association, you may call Judy Gordon a “localist” and someone that shares a passion for placemaking.

“Getting good and accurate information about the place where I lived made me appreciate it more. It’s a big world, but every city has its own stories, history, and rhythm.”

Judy says people are most interested in hearing about parks and special places, history, restaurants, neighborhood information and quirky information. The 3 words Judy would choose to describe San Mateo are: Location, Food, Diversity.

“I started the podcast because I know that there are lots of new residents in San Mateo, and that it’s changing fast. Even long time residents have a hard time keeping up. Understanding the community where you live helps you feel like it is your home, and not just a place.” More on that here: Discovering a Sense of Place

Most Listened to Episode:

“The episode that profiled Anne from Backhaus. I think that people really liked knowing the people and story behind the business. Listeners also seemed to really love the Crows episode. Our listeners like a variety of stories. The podcast format is perfect for presenting these different topics.”

A Favorite Conversation:

“Reverend Henry Adams of the Japanese Buddhist Temple. Our meeting at the Temple turned into a conversation over the phone. We both thought that was best, given the situation that was developing here. That was the day that Governor Newsom issued the first shelter in place order. I had intended for the interview to focus more on their community events, but I felt that more of an understanding of Buddhism, and of Reverend Adams efforts to provide a remote spiritual weekly service for his members made more sense. I really liked the message that he gave to our listeners.”

Are you listening, Bay Meadows?

The Wishlist of Future Episodes:

“I’d like to talk to more small business owners – both new and long term – like Victor’s Shoe Repair, individual neighborhood specialists for good profiles on each San Mateo neighborhood, a gardener from the Japanese Garden, and local artists and nonprofits. I’d like to speak to the CEO of Survey Monkey, Franklin, or Guidewire to give our listeners an understanding of their corporate neighbors.”


Experience Midurban life. Bay Meadows is a family-friendly neighborhood with lots of open space to enjoy all-year long. Whether it’s growing your own vegetables in an organic community garden, playing a game of pick-up basketball after work, team building over bocce in the beer garden, picnicking with family on warm summer nights or with a run around the park, there’s no shortage of green space to explore. Check out life out and about at Bay Meadows by following us on Instagram.