Biograph at Bay Meadows Invites You to Live Better, Longer

We’re thrilled to welcome Biograph to the neighborhood. The healthcare technology company, which focuses on delivering the most comprehensive longevity platform to private subscription-based members, recently opened in Station 3 near Town Square alongside the likes of SurveyMonkey, Ten-X, Zuora, GuideWire and OpenText. Expanding on the belief that how well you live is as important as how long you live, Biograph provides in-depth data and personalized recommendations that far exceed your traditional physical. The comprehensive wellness assessment is completed by an expert team at a world-class clinic, right here at Bay Meadows. Accepting members by invitation or referral only, the clinic already boasts a waiting list.

“We started working with Wilson Meany 4 years ago! Station 3 wasn’t even built yet…We wanted our headquarters to be located within a fresh, new technology focused mixed-use community space between Silicon Valley and downtown SFO that matched with our brand promise for our private member base at Biograph, and Bay Meadows was a perfect fit”, said Amin Neghabat, Biograph’s General Manager.

Continuing the trend that put Bay Meadows on the map as an innovation hub, Biograph has made the move to one of the 5 state-of-the-art buildings office buildings featuring floor-to-ceiling glass, bike storage, expansive floorplates and locker room facilities. All have access to 18 acres of open space, and (Delaware Street) a social street featuring coffee shops, restaurants, bocce court and plenty of outdoor gathering spaces. Bay Meadows office buildings are minutes from the Hillsdale Caltrain Station, proximal to SFO and just 10 minutes to Palo Alto, and 25 minutes to San Francisco!

“We looked at commute options for our staff and team, and loved the healthy options available at Bay Meadows via Caltrain and the Hillsdale exit proximity. We also love having corporate neighbors like OpenText, Survey Monkey and GuideWire”, says Neghabat.

photo credit: Biograph

Health Matters More Now.

We couldn’t agree more. Using an ethos ahead of what would become a year that proved challenging to so many of us to eat healthy, exercise and practice self-care, Biograph appears to be ahead of the curve. Head-to-toe testing to provide a comprehensive picture of health, followed by a comprehensive plan for a healthy life should top everyone’s list.

We asked Amin to describe the Biograph experience and its early adopters:

“On the surface, our clinics will provide preventative wellness assessments thru heavy machinery like next gen MRI on-site, as well as CT Scanners, U/S machines to perform Echocardiograms and fitness testing to look at metabolic health, all provided in an incredibly curated and bespoke private member base here in San Mateo CA. The digital results experience is unlike any other. Each clinic has a dedicated medical director as well as technologists to cater to our members medical needs. We partner with your primary care physician to help deliver the most comprehensive set of preventative risk assessments to help you live better, longer.”

photo credit: Biograph

“Typically, early adopters of our program will be Silicon Valley tech executives in their late 30s, early 40s looking to proactively gauge cardiovascular health, optimize metabolic biomarkers, and improve physical fitness and performance, while simultaneously establishing a baseline to support early identification of health risks from cancer, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and other potentially avoidable causes of premature mortality.”

What technology or tracking statistic is most interesting to you?  

“Deep labs look at your biomarkers of aging over time. Your biological age vs your chronological age and organ health and metabolic markers over time to enhance or optimize your health span.”

For those just learning about biometrics or biostatistics, what books or blogs would you recommend as initial reading?

“We point all of our early adopters to Dr. Peter Attia’s Podcasts actually, “The Drive” and we recommend that everyone in our space read David Sinclair’s new book “Lifespan”. Both are wonderful forays into the world of health span maximization.”

It’s time to expect more out of your life—and your life expectancy. When you are ready to book an experience with Biograph, you may request an invitation here.


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