Meet Lorna @ Knits for Life

If you’ve been downtown San Mateo recently, you’ve certainly noticed all of the whimsical, fun yarn art throughout the city. Over 50 yarnbombs made by Lorna and Jill Watt were installed by volunteers during the first annual Spring Clean Up in Downtown San Mateo, CA on April 20, 2013. Click here for the Downtown San Mateo yarnbomb map to take a self guided tour – be sure to bring a camera and use tags:  #knitsforlife #sanmateoart.

Meet Lorna of Knits for Life, one of our favorite San Mateo neighbors, also the maven behind the marvelous yarnbomb designs.

How was Knits for Life born?
Mine is the well-known Silicon Valley story of a brainiac changing course to follow their passion. While working on my doctoral research in the evolution of plant biodiversity, I picked up crochet as a stress-relieving activity. Within a year, I switched to a Masters, finished, and moved back home to the Bay Area to follow a new path as a knitting and crochet designer. I love my job!

My favorite thing about San Mateo is: location, location, location!

What is your favorite yarn bomb piece to hit the San Mateo map, and where would we find it? The lollipop that the city let me make out of a broken Central Parking Garage sign on Ellsworth between 3rd & 4th.

image credit: Knits for Life

image credit: Knits for Life

What’s HOT in all things yarn right now?
Yarnbombing your bike! I just released a crochet bicycle skirt guard that mashes up yarnbombed bikes with chic Dutch bike fashions. It’s perfect for city living because they let you pedal any time of day without worrying how you’re dressed. Both the DIY instructions and the finished objects are in my online shop.

We’re huge fans of your work at Ravelry and beyond! What can readers, fans and customers look forward to this year/next?
I’m answering “yes!” to my most frequently-asked question: do you teach classes? Fresh, re-imagined kid and adult classes are coming to San Mateo for upcycled t-shirt yarn, yarnbombing 101, hula hoop weaving, and baby shower parties where the mom takes home a blanket made by all her friends. Great spaces like Scribble Me Happy, The Shop at Flywheel Press, and Burlingame Library host, and I’ll travel to parties.

Sushi or Ramen? Ramen (The secret about San Mateo’s Ramen Wars is that it’s all a false choice: every ramen place is a knockout!)

Scarf or Sweater?  Cowl!

Pinterest or Instagram? Instagram!

______________ is the new black.  Neon

3 words that describe your life in San Mateo Community, innovation, outdoors!

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*Image source via Knits for Life linked to Dapper Toad