Take a Spin with Ruthanne at Revelry Fitness

Revelry Fitness is your solution to train, transform and transcend! Whether you recently moved to San Mateo or have enjoyed our hometown for a bit, signing up for a specialized fitness class like indoor cycling allows you to meet others that share a common interest.

And owner Ruthanne Roth has a special treat for Bay Meadows residents. If you’re a first-time client – during the month of October 2016, simply create a profile at www.revelryfitness.com and use the promocode baymeadows123 for one free classThe credit is good for any indoor cycling, TRX, yoga or kickboxing class.

We went behind the scenes with Ruthanne Roth, owner of Revelry Fitness at 10 E. 3rd Avenue in San Mateo. Indoor cycling AND San Mateo are both her wheelhouse! Read the interview:

When did you launch Revelry Fitness? What was your inspiration behind the business?
Revelry opened at the end of 2014. My husband and I are both locals to the area (I personally am born and raised in San Mateo). I did a tour of duty in NYC for work and when I moved back, I missed all the amazing boutique workout options there were. We saw a great opportunity to offer something unique and different – while creating a place that is a true community. And all the more special to be it in my hometown.

What do you feel makes Revelry Fitness stand out?
We offer unique indoor cycling classes for all fitness levels in a beautiful studio. We have top of the line equipment and have invested a lot in sound and light – we want people to feel great and lose themselves in the sensory experience. While getting a great workout.

We have technology that enables people to track their metrics over time (Watts, calories burned) as there are sensors on the bikes.

Last, we are the only studio in the San Mateo area to offer the latest/greatest megaformer – often referred to as “pilates on crack”. Developed by Sebastian Lagree (www.lagreefitness.com) – it is an amazing strength, cardio and flexibility full body workout. We also offer it in a small room with just 6 machines so you are guaranteed a lot of individual attention and a workout suited to your fitness level.

Name your favorite outdoor cycling destination in San Mateo:
Truth be told, I am not a big outdoor cyclist. But my husband and I do enjoy riding on Canada down to Woodside – especially the Sundays they close the rode to traffic. I used to do that ride with my father as a small child.


If you could choose one class that is the most popular among clients, which would it be?
That is like picking your favorite child! I do really enjoy the early morning classes – both indoor cycling and the megaformer. It is so quiet outside and it is an amazing way to start your day – you just feel so energized and amazing after.

What do you love most about the Peninsula location in terms of fitness?
The diversity! Having grown up in San Mateo it is incredible to see how much the community has changed especially with all the tech companies that have established roots in the area. It is amazing how downtown San Mateo has grown. We see a lot of young professionals as well as families, seniors, etc. We feel so lucky to have people drive down from Daly City and up from Palo Alto/Atherton. I have to admit it has also been really fun to bump into so many familiar faces from growing up here – some I hadn’t seen in decades

The best advice anyone ever gave me is:

  • It is better to be kind than to be right.
  • Do not confuse the need to tell with the need for someone else to know.

Outside of Revelry, how else do you REV up your mind and body?
I rev up my mind seeing independent movies and documentaries – I am a real film buff. I also run a recruiting company that is focused on private equity and hedge funds (Life is busy…). I REV up my body most of the time at Revelry, but I do enjoy being outside and indoor cycling has made me a much better/faster runner.

Our 14.5 year old dog, Spencer, also gets 3 walks a day – he is slower than he used to be, but we still love indulging him on his walks and getting a bit of fresh air ourselves

Sprint or Distance? Distance
Favorite Heart Healthy Meal: My husband’s Chinese Chicken Salad (passed down from his mother)
Outside the gym, you’ll find me:  Walking the dog, at a restaurant, or trying to catch up on sleep
My guilty pleasure is: I love a good Manhattan – extra brandied cherries, please
Favorite piece of active wear: I am really into Candida Maria leggings – Brazilian supplex. Super soft, great patterns

Get social with Revelry! Get to know the team and find your favorite class on the Revelry Facebook Page.

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image credit: Revelry Fitness San Mateo