Village Hummus Just steps away from Bay Meadows

 We are so excited to have another new restaurant steps away from Bay Meadows!  Village Hummus recently opened in Park Place and, let us tell you—it was worth the wait!   We had the pleasure of having lunch recently and can confirm all the fabulous reviews we’ve been hearing about are accurate!  Everything we tried was outstanding.  The falafel plate was a favorite– the falafels were freshly fried and so flavorful.  Best of all, they are served with some of the most delicious hummus and freshest pita we’ve ever tried!

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Eti & Mike (owners) are really excited to be part of the Bay Meadows community – read more about what they had to say below.

What inspired you to become a chef/restaurant owner and what made you decide on opening Village Hummus in San Mateo?

Well, we were always very passionate about food, but in the case of Village Hummus, our main desire was to combine a fine-dining touch with what is considered to be “street food”—which we try to do by making everything from scratch, using only fresh ingredients, and creating unique signature recipes.

What are your 3 tips for running a successful restaurant? 

Great food, great service and a great team– nothing less. Having a restaurant is extremely hard work and there is no “cutting corners.” You must be truly passionate about food and people.

Besides Village Hummus, do you have any favorite restaurants in San Mateo?

I really like the new place that opened on 4th Street, Sushi Yoshizumi. The concept is great, the ingredients and food are top notch, and I just really love the authenticity of the place. I think they are on the right track to receive a Michelin star.

What makes your restaurant unique from the other restaurants around here?

Well, that’s for the people to decide…  Truthfully, I think that these days there are a lot more Mediterranean places than in the past, and each has their own interpretation. We feel that we’re bringing a fresh take on this cuisine.

When you’re not cooking and working in the restaurant what other activities do you enjoy?


Stop by to try some authentic Mediterranean dishes and be sure to welcome them to the neighborhood!

Hours: Monday – Saturday from 10am-8pm – Closed Sundays.

Check out their glowing reviews on Yelp – after just six weeks of being open, they have made quite the impression! 

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Photo Credits: Village Hummus

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