Meet Jennifer and Ryan + Boogie!

Meet Jennifer and Ryan, Bay Meadows residents who moved from San Francisco in hopes of finding a walkable location with better  weather, access to work and less hectic than city living. They particularly loved Bay Meadows because it doesn’t seem terribly isolated and is a place where neighbors get to know each other—particularly through all of the on-site events that foster a neighborly feeling.  After living at Bay Meadows for about a year, they report they couldn’t be happier!

Bay Meadows has 3 beautiful parks that are all dog friendly and Jennifer & Ryan in particular love exploring all the beautiful green space that Bay Meadows has to offer with their adorable pooch Boogie.



 Do you have a favorite local dog parks you like going to?

We like to bring Boogie to Coyote Point, but when we’re closer to home, all the Bay Meadows Parks are just as great!

There are so many dog friendly restaurants these days; do you have a favorite one?

The Refuge in San Carlos; although I hear the Swinging Door is dog friendly too– will need to check that one out soon!

 Do you have any local recommendations for dog sitting when you are traveling?

We use Kathy Donath of Kathy’s K9 & Kat Kare; she is very reliable and Boogie loves her.

We all know taking care of a dog is hard work, do you have any suggestions for someone that is thinking about getting a dog for the first time?

I think there are a few key things to consider:

  • Energy level of the breed, does it match your energy level
  • How much time you have to spend with the dog, they need to be walked regularly, need to be let out to do their business, etc. if they are home alone all day they can get destructive
  • Health care as it can be expensive
  • Training, this is more for the owners but even the basics make a better dog and owner

Halloween is approaching; we are having our first Halloween Howl on October 29th.  Have you thought of any fun costumes for Boogie?

Boogie looks a lot like a gizmo/mogwai (from the Gremlins) and I always wanted to paint him green, give him a white Mohawk and make him look like the evil gremlin “Stripe.” But that is too ambitious for me so Boogie usually dresses up as a jester!


Save the Date!

You’re invited to join the fun for a Halloween Howl on October 29th 5-6pm at Landing Green Park.  Dress up your pooch up in their favorite costume for a chance to win a $50 giftcard to Barkbox.  Our neighborhood photographer will be there capturing all the fun!   We hope to see you there!