San Mateo Innovation Week Returns May 16 – 22

Innovation and Makers convene in San Mateo.  Not only do we have amazing weather and local activities, The San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley has also become synonymous with innovation and creativity, leading the world in pioneering thought.  The nature of this spirit is celebrated during San Mateo Innovation Week May 16-22, which showcases the creativity, productivity and innovation of the region.  Garnering National and International attention with the celebrated “Maker Faire” in San Mateo May 20-22nd, Innovation Week is a multi-faceted events, showcasing Bay Area talent with a host of scheduled events.

San Mateo invites you to get innovative.  Embracing a culture and atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, the City of San Mateo has created a week-long venue celebrating these ideals with a host of gatherings, conferences and seminars.  Some of the topics of this year’s Innovation Week include Virtual Reality technology, creativity where coders, artists and designers collaborate, fusing art and technology, innovative food experiences showcasing local restaurants, youth in innovation and a wrap-up party with innovators, start-up and entrepreneurial businesses sharing their experiences and vision in making San Mateo a “hub” for innovation.


Of course the much-anticipated event, which has the region abuzz, is the Maker Faire Bay Area.  Unlike other events across the globe, this Maker Faire is one of Maker Media’s flagship faires, drawing large crowds from all across the region and beyond. Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made as well as share what they have learned.

The event is brought to you by Maker Media, the publisher of MAKE magazine, the first magazine devoted entirely to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) technology projects and inspires, informs and entertains a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages. Maker Faire is the perfect venue for makers to showcase examples of their work and interact with others about it. MAKE celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your will.


Image Credit – Dave S. Yelp

If you have never experienced a Maker Faire, prepare to be amazed, entertained and inspired.  If you still need some prodding, here is what a few Yelpers have to say regarding this event:

‘This is one of my favorite events of the year. If there is a bigger nerd-fest than the Maker Faire, I don’t know what it is. There are a few large corporate showings but for the most part, this is a big meetup of makers of all kinds.’ Dave S.

One word: awesomeness. The whole place feels like an adult version of Disneyland, with all kinds of giant robots, crazy inventions, RC boats/tanks battles, homebrew honey/waffles, and much, much more. Oh, and fire. Lots of machines breathing fire.’ – Henry L.

Perfect place for science enthusiasts.  Had a great time there today with my kid who just refused to leave.’ – Shan S.

Tickets to this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area can be purchased on-line here.

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