Making the Move to San Mateo

Allison McCarthy of PureWow writes, “…there comes a time in life when you realize that an 800-square-foot two-bedroom Victorian for your hubby, toddler and pup—charming as it is—might not be the ideal living situation for the long term. And believe it or not, suburbia isn’t as bad as it’s cracked up to be. (It surprised us, too.)”  It got us thinking. Is every spot outside of the City considered the Suburbs? What if a place takes a little of each and creates something in-between, something Mid-Urban? Something like the spot we call home. (Take the quiz today.)

14 Architects, 5 Stations, 4 Parks and a Wide Variety of Homes in One Very Unique Community.

The best of both worlds now has a name, Bay Meadows. A charming urban village located at the Hillsdale Station in historic San Mateo, Bay Meadows combines the communal feeling of the suburbs with cultural aspects of the city. Diverse architecture, high-tech office space, innovative eateries and boutique retail seamlessly coexist with miles of biking trails, networks of parks, community gardens, and wide-open spaces. To call it a modern utopia might be stretching it. Then again, maybe not. Why don’t you decide?

Location. You’re in the middle of everything! San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose are all about a half hour’s drive away. Even Los Angeles is only an hour away by plane.

Easy Commute. Ease of transportation is only one of many reasons you’ll fall in love with Bay Meadows. Located at Hillsdale Station, the transit oriented community of residents and workers, Bay Meadows has been carefully planned and designed so that residents can live, work and play onsite with a number of easy options to get around: by foot, by bike or by public transportation.

Nearby Retail. Walk to urban amenities and artisanal retailers like Fieldwork, Blue Bottle Coffee , Tin Pot Creamery , Roam Burgers and LIFT like you’d find in a neighborhood in San Francisco. Delaware Street will total over 40,000 square feet of urban retail space, providing the surrounding Bay Meadows and peninsula community with artisan sit down and fast eateries, as well as specialty fitness and retail. The street was carefully designed with angled parking and large landscaped walkways to create a walkable and inviting experience that is highlighted by the large town square.

Endless Food Options. Nearby downtown San Mateo is a vibrant scene that has exploded with restaurants. Grab some Indian food at Curry Up Now or authentic and modern Italian at Pausa Bar & Cookery, recently joining the list of Michelin’s 2018 Bib Gourmands. In San Mateo (voted best small town for food), you’ll find a staggering array of independent and innovative eateries—offering every cuisine you can imagine in celebration of this abundant yield.

Open Spaces. At Bay Meadows, we’re home to more than 18-acres of rambling open space, sustainably designed streetscapes, ribbons of trails and a series of one-of-a-kind pocket parks. Canopies of mature trees dot the landscape, decreasing heat island effects. Drought-tolerant and habitat-oriented plants lessen water consumption while providing favorite haunts for migrating birds and pollinating bees and butterflies. We even have an elaborate storm water treatment system that filters street runoff before it enters our onsite treatment pond.

Community Garden. Persimmon Park is a celebrated community garden and gathering spot that cultivates friendships along with bushels of organic and sustainable fruits and veggies. It features 99 gardening beds available to Bay Meadows residents for tilling, planting and harvesting.

Pedal Power. Bike trails are as much a part of Bay Meadows as pocket parks, open space and pedestrian friendly streets that encourage exploration. With miles of crisscrossing paths to zip on across San Mateo, Bay Meadows gives you and your wheels plenty of places to explore and ways to connect to neighboring communities and downtown San Mateo. Some resident favorites include the Bay Trail as well as Coyote Point Park, and here’s a handy list of 10 sites within a six-mile bike ride.

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