Fresh Fillets and Ready-Made Dishes from FreshWay Fish

Searching for a simple, but delicious dish for Sunday brunch?

Swing by FreshWay Fish at the Farmers Market Bay Meadows. Pick up a pound of their super fresh Ahi tuna. Add a 5-ounce package of FreshWay’s own Big Island Pok’e Sauce. Toss in a half-cup each of chopped green onions and diced white onions … Voila! Impress your family, friends, neighbors and whoever else might drop by!

That’s just one of the tasty secrets for great fish dishes recommended by Jeremy of FreshWay Fish, a family-owned and operated small business. Founded seven years ago, FreshWay’s leadership includes talents that range from chef (of course) to personal trainer to Jeremy, a sales and marketing pro.

“I’ve been in sales basically my whole life. Whether selling vacuums, cars, appliances, pool supplies … I’m not shy!”

What 3 items would we find in Jeremy’s Farmers Market bag?

  • FreshWay Fish, of course.
  • I’m a huge fruit guy, so some sweet produce, whatever’s in season.
  • Definitely something from the baked goods – a cinnamon roll or banana bread from Crispian Bakery would be great.

And Jeremy knows his farmers markets. FreshWay Fish currently sells at 50 different markets throughout northern California each week.

What’s a day-in-the-life like for FreshWay Fish?
I get up fairly early. I’ll be at the shop by 3:45 (that’s a.m., folks!), preparing all the markets to get out, overseeing the packaging of fresh product. I’ll check in, if I need to do a market, if somebody was unable to make it or I just tour the Markets myself, check in with the Market manager. I’ll come back to the office by 5pm.

What are your most popular products?
The smoked salmon is definitely our biggest seller. We sell roughly 2,000 pounds a month. Next is our Ahi tuna, selling about 1,000 pounds a month. We just sell a ton of fresh fish. Whatever type of salmon, halibut, steelhead. Mahi-mahi some weeks. Swordfish. We rotate giant sea scallops and giant prawns.

And then there’s our prepared products – smoked salmon spread (which makes a great breakfast – just pick up some fresh bread from Crispian to spread it on and you’re all set!)

Our smoked Ahi salad is a proprietary dish of ours, with Teriyaki sauce, smoked ahi shredded down, Hawaiian style.

Big hopes and dreams for FreshWay in the future?
Eventually, we want to open a retail store. Right now, we’re doing a little bit with grocery stores, Raley’s. We’ll always stay connected to the farmers markets. There was such a need for fresh fish at the markets and we love them. 

Show some love for FreshWay Fish this week – visit them at Farmers Market Bay Meadows and try their delicious products! rates Bay Meadows high on the list for walkable locations to live on the San Francisco Peninsula and for good reason! Why? Because we are steps from shopping and entertainment (Hillsdale Center), groceries (Whole Foods), parks, a farmer’s market and an easy bike-ride from downtown San Mateo with its burgeoning restaurant scene. And Caltrain is no more than a five-minute walk from anywhere in the neighborhood. Learn all about connecting the dots for your many transportation options with Connect San Mateo.