Kevin and Kelly Celebrate Their Victory

Another family makes a move…just around the corner. A part of the community at Bay Meadows for two-years running, Kevin and Kelly found their home at Victory –  just a short stroll from their apartment at The Russell. If you bump into the pair at Blue Bottle Cafe in Town Square give them a warm congratulations. Kelly will be the one ordering an Oat Milk Cappuccino and Kevin the Drip coffee.

We chose Bay Meadows as the middle ground for our two commutes. Kelly drives or rides the Caltrain up to the city. Kevin drives down to Santa Clara. The neighborhood is super convenient, but we were blown away when we first visited the models at Victory. It’s pretty unusual to find new homes on the peninsula, and the mid-urban vibe cuts our suburb phobia nicely.

Bay Meadows is a great neighborhood for families. We spend a lot of time with our toddler at the playground and the park. The neighborhood has really evolved in the two years we’ve been here.

In fact, when we asked them to describe the neighborhood in 3 words they answered: Dogs! Babies! Repeat.

From neighborhood tips to menu recs, Kevin and Kelly took a moment to share with us! Read on:

We hear Kevin enjoys spending some time in the community garden! What are you looking forward to growing this summer?

Kevin: A couple of Christmases ago, Kelly reserved a plot for me in the community garden, and I’ve been tinkering away for two seasons now. I’m there pretty much every day. This year I’m focusing on super-hot peppers: Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions and Ghost Peppers. They’re needy little ones! So we’ll have to wait and see if I can pull it off. I’m also growing tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as chamomile flowers for Kelly’s tea.

What’s your favorite thing about your new home:

We’re excited to have some outdoor space, and hopefully lots of barbeques with the new neighbors, who all seem really great! We gratefully gobbled up a nectarine pie from one of them this week. #benefits

Describe your décor style. How have you been personalizing your new home?

Currently, our decor style is “moving boxes everywhere” but our taste is for modern design with a cozy feel. Our toddler prefers toybox-chic though.

What’s something someone may not know about our community?

I’m always surprised how many of our neighbors don’t know about the community garden. There are always a couple of plots left empty when the season starts, so aspiring gardeners should reach out to the HOA in the February/March time-frame to see if anything’s available.

Favorite ice cream flavor at Tin Pot Creamery: Salted Butterscotch

Order the _The Fry-Fecta_ at ROAM Burgers.

Favorite thing about having Fieldwork Brewing a short stroll from your doorstep:

That it’s also a short stroll back home. :)

4 items in our Farmers Market Bay Meadows bag would be:

Strawberries, oranges, cherries and…The Fourth Son! He plays guitar there once a month and we love it. (instagram: @thefourthson)

There’s a new Farmers Market in town and it’s in the heart of the Bay Meadows community. Visit our seasonal market on Sundays, 9:30 to 1:30 at 3060 S. Delaware Street, corner of E. 31st Ave. & Delaware Street across from Town Square San Mateo. The Farmers Market in our Midurban village offers nutritious California fruits and veggies, handcrafted baked goods, farm-fresh flowers, prepared artisan foods and specialty items. Guests can also enjoy live music, fitness events, entertainment for kids, craft workshops and more, all presented in the welcoming outdoors of this new neighborhood. Located adjacent to the Hillsdale Caltrain station stop and also offering ample parking. Learn more here >