Baketophia! Watch JamieCakeSF on HBOMax

We’re excited to share the news that you can now cheer on your favorite hometown baker, JamieCakeSF on HBOMax! Jamie recently competed on a new baking show called Baketopia.  The show is hosted by the crazy talented Rosanna Pansino (@rosannapansino) who creates viral-worthy challenges in a larger-than-life baking wonderland, complete with every ingredient and tool a baker could dream of! In each standalone episode, brilliant bakers must fill their carts with unique ingredients necessary to build trendsetting cakes and delectable desserts in hopes of impressing Rosanna and her “cake council” and winning $10,000.

The show may just inspire you to elevate your style skills! Want to bake along or craft your own masterpiece? Back in February, Jamie shared her fabulously romantic Chocolate Cake Recipe. And we also have her recipe to spice up your fall with her Holiday Pumpkin Spice Cake.

Who will take the cake???  The incredible Jamie always has Bay Meadows vote!  Grab your popcorn and stream the HBOMax Episodes now…

Here’s a look back at a few of Jamie’s inspiring creations. And if you aren’t already following along on Instagram, find her @jamiecakesf. 

pc: j@amiecakesf

pc: @jamiecakesf

Designed this cake for an Alexander McQueen collab hosted by @brianbakescakes @bakester_cat and gifted to a medical hero who is working round the clock and is celebrating her birthday on the frontline saving lives.⁣⁣ Inspired by @alexandermcqueen SS 2008 collection — A simple silver sheath dress juxtaposed by an ornate butterfly headpiece designed by @philiptreacy. ⁣McQueen’s works are hauntingly beautiful. He had declared that he meant for the clothes to act as armours for women, that they were meant to be empowering. 💪⁣⁣ And there’s nothing more empowering right now than a white coat and blue scrubs. 🥼🩺⁣⁣

pc: @jamiecakesf

This birthday boy loved all things Harry Potter, especially Quidditch. Not having a clue what that was, I quickly looked to Google (while on the consultation call with the client) to find out. 😂 While falling down the rabbit hole of all things Harry Potter, I became inspired by the artwork of @savvyjensenart for the design of the cake. To bring the cake and artwork to life I created the Golden Snitch using silicone molds and @guittardchocolate. I carved the details of the Snitch into the chocolate and filled the grooves with fondant, then painted it gold with @sweetsticksau edible paints, and created golden wings using @icinginks gold Fabric Sheets. Adding a bit of visual magic to the image, I made Harry’s cape and broom appear as though it was 2d using fondant. ✨ From all the research put into the making of this cake, I came across the perfect Harry Potter quote of how one would describe my creative process… “Honestly, if you were any slower, you’d be going backward.” — Draco Malfoy 😂


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