The New and Improved Hillsdale Caltrain Reopens!

We’re pleased to announce the new Hillsdale Caltrain Station will open for passenger service on April 26, 2021 with fresh features and amenities! Fully planned and designed so that residents can live, work, play, and easily use a number of options for getting around, either on foot, by bike or by using public transportation, the Hillsdale Caltrain Station is a short walking distance from home at Bay Meadows. The new station is located approximately 4 blocks north (~1,000 feet ) of the original station between 28th and 31st Avenues. The station serves as a major access point and connection to a variety of neighborhoods, world-class businesses, local restaurants, the San Mateo Event Center, and redesigned Hillsdale Mall.

Artist Rendering of New Hillsdale Station

The new station features a center-boarding platform and pedestrian underpass, eliminating the need for riders to wait at a crossing gate to get from one platform to the other, as well as enhanced amenities such as additional shelters and bicycle eLockers. The new train schedule with service to Hillsdale Station will go into effect on April 26th. Get a schedule here.

Artist Rendering of the New Hillsdale Caltrain Station

Enhanced Station Features:

  • New east-west connection for through traffic on 28th and 31st Avenues.
  • Two parking lots: one located between 25th and 28th Avenues, and the other located between 28th and 31st Avenues (vehicles only accessible from 28th Avenue).
  • The platform can be reached by stairs and accessible ramps at 28th Avenue and the parking lots
  • Bike eLockers, bicycle racks (for information on bike eLockers visit
  • Ticket Vending Machines and Clipper card readers on the platform
  • Multiple shelters with seating
  • Accessible sheltered waiting area; mini highs

28th Avenue Artist Rendering

Please note that while 25th and 31st Avenues are under construction, station access is at 28th Avenue and the pedestrian underpass.


Ride Sharing:

Kiss-n-Ride passenger loading area is located in the parking lot between 28th and 31st Avenues (see map)

Transit Connections:
SamTrans Route ECR bus service serves El Camino Real between Daly City BART and the Palo Alto Transit Center.
Bus stops for SamTrans Routes ECR, 251, 256, 294, 295 and 397 are located along El Camino Real. (see map)

Passengers with a Caltrain Clipper Monthly Pass 2+ zones can ride free on SamTrans Local routes

The station is part of the 25th Avenue Grade Separation Project, which is separating the tracks from the road at 25th, 28th and 31st Avenues to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The project will reduce local traffic congestion in San Mateo.

Thank you for your patience while this major milestone was completed for the 25th Avenue Grade Separation Project which will have lasting benefits for generations to come. rates Bay Meadows high on the list for walkable locations to live on the San Francisco Peninsula and for good reason! Why? Because we are steps from shopping and entertainment (Hillsdale Shopping Center), groceries (Whole Foods), parks, a farmer’s market and an easy bike-ride from downtown San Mateo with its burgeoning restaurant scene. With wheels on-site to get you from here to there, there’s no need to own your own. And Caltrain is no more than a five-minute walk from anywhere in the neighborhood. Learn all about connecting the dots for your many transportation options with Connect San Mateo.