Bike Turn-Around Story

Bay Meadows resident Shara Watkins is a self described bike-turn-around story. Having not owned a bicycle since sophomore year in college – approximately 13 years ago – Shara now can’t imagine life without it.

And she’s excited to join the whole Bay Meadows crew on Bike To Work Day on May 12th, and looks forward to stopping by Bay Meadows’ Energizer Station at 1000 Franklin Parkway between 7-9 AM.

To what does Shara attribute her renewed relationship with the two-wheeler? The PUBLIC bike her household received along with the set of keys to their new home. Shara explains, “Before living at Bay Meadows, my husband would bike out to Coyote Point from downtown San Mateo for morning exercise, but I never had a bike and didn’t have much desire.”

While not necessarily ready for competing in road races, Shara is delighted to bike to work twice a week. She fills us in on her new bicycle insights, including some advice for those newer to bicycling.

What are the reasons you bike?
I bike for multiple reasons: 1) I bike to work once or twice/week; I work downtown in San Mateo so it’s quick and easy; 2) I also bike for leisure, with a dose of exercise. My husband and I take bike rides on Sunday – we usually go to Philz downtown and then head out to Coyote Point for a bit. 3) Lastly, I bike to Whole Foods to get groceries. I have a great basket on the back of my bike that’s easy to transport my items back home.

About how often do you ride your bike?
I ride my bike about 2-3 times a week in total.

What’s appealing about riding a bicycle at Bay Meadows?
The community, and San Mateo, is bike friendly. I moved from NYC where we walked everywhere – it’s one way that I feel like I’m staying active and having fun. Downtown San Mateo and Whole Foods are so close and honestly, when I go to Whole Foods, it can often be quicker to get in and out with my bike than dealing with the parking lot. Also, I really love the PUBLIC bike we got.

If you don’t commute via bike, how do you get to work?
On days I don’t ride my bike, I drive.

Any advice you’d give to encourage someone who is considering biking to work?
Parking is always much easier with a bike. Bike baskets are the best – you can still do errands! There’s no longer such a thing as gym guilt.

Care to finish this sentence? When I ride my bike, I feel _________________________.
Healthy, productive, grateful, free, and tired :-)

Do you ever use a scooter or hoverboard or other “alternative” forms of transportation?
Nope, but it’s intriguing.

Will you be joining us for Bike to Work Day on May 12?
Of course!



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