One Stop Velo Shop: Cycling tech and tools

Looking for that special accessory for your bike?  Whether you prefer road or trail, these little items will make the most of your riding.  From navigational assistance to safety items, these gadgets will make you the envy of all your biking friends.

Here are some of the coolest gadgets on the market for you and your bike:

Knog Blinder Mini Dot Headlight
A solid headlight for commuters thanks to its compact size and long run time, the Blinder Mini Dot Headlight boasts 20 lumens (you’ll be visible from over 500m away) and has a run time of over 11 hours in its lowest mode. Available from Public Bikes here.

crankbrothers M-19 Multi-Tool
The crankbrothers M-19 multi-tool comes complete with 19 tools for common road- and trail-side repairs, plus a light, durable case. Lightweight and easy to use, with stainless-steel chainbreaker and 6050 steel tools.  Available from REI here.

LINKA Smart Bike Lock
The LINKA smart lock is the first of its kind. Designed with the innovative auto-unlocking feature recognizing when you approach for convenience.  The Noose Chain allows you to connect directly to our smart lock without the need of any keys.  Available here.

Light up the night with Revolights. Mounted on your spokes, the LED strips only illuminate when they sense they’re orientated to the front (or rear, in the case of the back wheel) of the bike. Swish. Great safety feature for nighttime rides. Available here.

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves
Zackees’ award-winning Turn Signal Gloves are the latest, must-have safety innovation for cyclists. Simply press your thumb to your index finger to activate your LED blinker. Put the power of signals in your hands.  Available here.

Siva Cycle Atom
Don’t waster that kinetic energy from your ride.  Ride a bike and create electricity with this inventive product which allows cyclists to charge anything USB while riding. Mount the Atom onto your rear hub and the energy from your wheel is fed into a battery pack, charging your phone as you cycle.  Available here.

Recon Jet Smart Glasses
Think Google glasses for cycling.  Your handlebars are the last thing you should be looking at mid-ride. That’s why training with Recon Jet is a revelation. No matter where you’re looking, your numbers are always right where you need them. Stats, maps, notifications and camera all in one tech package.  Available here.

Overade Helmet
Don’t let your helmet get in the way of the rest of your day.  Overade helmets folds down into a compact size, making it easier to store. Available here.

Hammerhead Navigation
A new satellite navigation system in one compact and convenient package. Hammerhead is a smart tool that effortlessly guides cyclists through the safest and most enjoyable bike routes with intuitive light patterns. Get the information that you need through the corner of your eye and keep your eyes safely on the road. Available here.

Looking for a great place to ride? Bay Meadows and the surrounding San Mateo area are bike friendly and offer many different paths to ride and sights to see. The City of San Mateo even have an easy-to-use bike-sharing system, Bay Bikes. Plus, Bay Meadows has a convenient bike map that you can download here, so you can decide exactly where to ride. Some resident favorites include the Bay Trail as well as Coyote Point Park, and here’s a handy list of 10 sites within a six-mile bike ride. And join the Bay Meadows email list to stay on top of fun dates, such as Bike to Work Day 2017!