Fall in Love With Your Health and Lead a Happy Fit Life

Meet Bay Meadows resident, Genevieve who has created a Happy Fit Life in San Mateo!  Originally from San Francisco, Genevieve grew up in Redwood Shores and knows the ins and outs of the San Francisco Peninsula. “Being a part of the peninsula is special because both my family and my husband’s family both live here so my children got to grow up with both sets of grandparents in their lives. I feel like San Mateo is a perfect hub in the middle of it all, I have a few different jobs and since they are within 5 miles of home, I spent a few months this year running or biking to work- it felt soo good!”

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“I love the close knit feel of Bay Meadows – I feel safe, looked after, shared with and invited too! I have worked out on my front porch and made friends with those walking by and a few even joined me for a workout after that. I love heading to the loop around the soccer fields to rollerblade, walk with a friend or run some laps- it’s great to not have to be on a city street to get in some mileage. My daughter and I have done 1/2 mile repeats there to train for cross country. Plus, our friends on the street always share their extras and if you like banana bread or hazelnut macarons or COOKIES it’s a plus! My favorite thing is the farmer’s market (we miss it so much… it was our weekly family walk- I have 3 teenagers so that says a lot!) I even met a lady there who is now my friend and special order baker, and she even joined my Happy Fit Life team to work on health together.”

2020 has been a tough year mentally and physically!

Currently, Genevieve is offering a Fall in Love with Your Health Retreat which teaches women to fall forward with what it takes for them to finish the year stronger.
The program offers a mindset and actions to start with and goals to be accomplished, participants collaborate virtually with Happy Fit Life quarterly book clubs and there are opportunities each month for a self-care social, weekly mentoring zooms, and daily support and accountability on a gals only app. View https://linktr.ee/happyfitcoach to start a conversation and follow along on Instagram @happyfitcoach or for inquiries email coach@livefitclub.com

pc: @happyfitcoach

Genevieve once helped  a mom of 5 lose almost 80lbs, this was 3yrs ago and they are still working out together today.

“There’s NEVER a perfect time. Imperfect is the way to go, that’s where the rest of us are and we’re finding success and results anyway. There’s no good reason to wait until later to start feeling better about yourself. Just do the first thing in the right direction.”

Last summer, Genevieve coached a mom who was addicted to workouts, running herself dry and was so bored of it. She was scared to become a part of the team. Genevieve encouraged her to invite her mom, brother, and sister, all who she didn’t check in with normally and lived in different states. More active than ever before as a family united in health, she and her sister now text back and forth with recipes from the programs that they’ve made for their families, her mom celebrated her most consistent month in health and she gives them all mini challenges that she pulls out of a jar.

An essential worker, one of those nurses who takes care of everyone but herself, started with a little detox, changed her schedule to get in her workouts between shifts, and began meal preps to bring to the hospital in order to resist all the donuts in the staff lounge. Now she’s has gotten her husband involved in her routine.

“The task ahead of us is never greater than the strength within us.”
My mission in life to is CREATE HEALTHY FREEDOM to say yes to life’s amazing adventures, be it travel, motherhood, entrepreneurship, self-love and growth… The mindset to want this was not always in me. Getting through doubt, fear and failure in past businesses, hardships in motherhood, married life led me to negative self-talk and falling confidence. I wasn’t able to be who I wanted in front of my husband, kids, and my community. I offer a movement that supports women where women need it the most, self-care. We are so dedicated to serving who we love and care for and work with that we often neglect our own needs for too long and find ourselves feeling less than who we are. Being a part of Happy Fit Life has a vital behavior that you must fill your cup before trying to fill others- get in our most important things in the day for us so that we may be better at doing what we do. We are also known for being those people who go deeper into what it means to be healthy, there’s really an emotional core in all of it and we accept, understand, and grow progress over perfection. In fact, perfect people are not allowed. We celebrate our imperfections because they help us move forward the most.

pc: @happyfitcoach

Seeing RESILIENCE inspires me.

One of my mentors, Brendon Burchard says that there’s only 2 ways to change. 1.Something new comes into your life, or 2. Something new comes out of you. I made a decision that it was time for both. I started a healthy journey that transformed how I thought getting in shape was supposed to be. It included mindset, support and accountability along with fitness, nutrition, recovery and hydration. What came out was the me that I remembered: leadership, energy, positivity and a lot of GRIT. It was obvious that I was ready for change and it helped that there was a team feeling to it, we were all in this together even though our journey may differ.

I knew there were ladies out there who were going through what I did and just needed a healthy nudge to believe in themselves. I created a movement with an amazing team of ladies who told me that I wasn’t alone in my doubts, fears, and failures and we teamed up as entrepreneurs to find women who wanted to be stronger together. Together we practice taking actions that lead to our healthy freedoms, which include being happy and fit and finding the women who want to help us grow that feeling and mission.

Cervantes, Cancino, Hom, and Han families, we love you! 

I remember doing 20min rollerblade workouts around the neighborhood in the beginning of shelter in place and would love to go to Saratoga Park because kids chalked the sidewalk with inspiring messages and reminders that we’ll get through this together. Those would help me on the loneliest days.

We have a few families we know really well that raised our kids together- kids are older now but in our early days we got by better because of that bond. We received a love note from the Cervantes Family which we kept by the door. The Hans dropped off banana muffins and we gave them mochi brownies. The Homs made us hazelnut chocolate macarons. The Cancinos, my next door neighbors, helped me prop up a fence side that was leaning after a tough wind storm and we worked together to get that fixed up quickly. We love seeing when the neighbors’ dog, Mochi, comes out and gets playful with us. We even set up a backyard movie night for our neighbors birthday so she could celebrate and still be outside.

What are people are most surprised to learn about their fit journey with you?

I think people don’t realize that I really am the girl next door, here to help! I need their support on this journey as much as they may need mine! I don’t just ask a customer or teammate to do something, I am there doing it with them. Proving that it works, that it’s a marathon not a sprint, and that there are other victories than what a scale says when it comes to mind and body health. The accountability of showing up for each other is the glue that helps us last. It creates a camaraderie of purpose and strengthens WHY we show up… because we like being stronger together.

Before I joined this team I was crying myself to sleep every night for not getting enough done in a day, I would work out for 2-3 hours to try and look as good as other young moms I saw, and eating salads WAY more than I wanted because I thought leaves all day would help me lose weight and tone up. After 3 months of diving into the mindsets and simple daily actions, I had lost 10% of my weight, was working out just 30min a day, eating more food and even the ones I thought weren’t allowed and had more energy and definition in my muscles. I had energy past 3pm which was the best because that’s when I was with the kids most. I learned how to relax and when to fire it up within the scope of juggling 3 jobs and 3 kids. And most importantly, I went to bed at night and it didn’t take forever to fall asleep- wrote something in my gratitude journal and I was out. None of those are measured in before and after pictures, but they meant the world to me. That’s why I needed to show other women how to change their attitude and effort, the only things we have complete control of. It made all the difference and 9yrs later, I STILL love doing the simple actions and I’ve never been so consistent in my results. Last year I had a scary surgery and recovery took me longer than I expected. My team was there for me even when I couldn’t work out. And when I could, they were there to push me back into it. During that time, I was able to show them that in the absence of actual working out, there were so many ways that I was still practicing growing healthy freedom.



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