San Mateo Ranks #3 Best Places to Live in Bay Area

What’s the best city to live in the Bay Area? This subjective question is hard to quantify but The San Francisco Chronicle made an effort to do just that.  Last year in 2022, The Chronicle ranked 25 largest Bay Area cities by quality of life based on 11 metrics.

For this year, they decided to broaden the analysis by including 16 metrics as well as allow readers to create their own ranking based on their priorities.  They grouped five quality-of-life categories together for the analysis: entertainment opportunities, art and community spaces, walkability, diversity and environmental factors.  Noted these metrics can’t include everything a resident might care about, but they do include many of the factors that contribute to a pleasant city life.

So where did our San Mateo rank in 2023?  #3 out of the top 25 with categories weighed equally.  In a number of major categories, San Mateo shined with these attributes:

Walking and Transit #3

Diversity #5

Environment #2

We love where we live. Stretched alongside the Hillsdale Caltrain Station in the middle of the Peninsula, Bay Meadows makes it a cinch to get around. No car required. Commuting to Palo Alto? Jump on board and be there in about 20 minutes. Heading to San Francisco? Arrive in a little over 30. With so much happening at — and around — Bay Meadows getting to wherever you want to go is just a hop away. To learn more about the ranking of the top Bay Area cities, be sure to visit the San Francisco Chronicle article.


Cover image credit downtown San Mateo via SF Chronicle.