Indoors Meets Out at Hawthorne: BTS with GLS Landscape Architecture

Tranquil indoor-outdoor living meets high design at Hawthorne. Here, you’ll find a lush, sun-filled inner courtyard, outdoor barbecue, intimate garden rooms and stone fireplace anchoring a trellised area complete with outdoor dining and several seating areas. The large courtyard occupies the whole interior of the block with the building wrapped around it, creating a private and secluded space. Large planters divide a number of outdoor rooms, where residents are invited to a range of experiences.

Photographer Credit: Brian Kitts Visuals / @BrianKitts

Photographer Credit: Brian Kitts Visuals / @BrianKitts

Lounge with friends around the fireplace or toss dinner on the grill. Nestle into one of the intimate garden rooms for a sunny workspace. Settle into a swing chair under the trellis. Dine outdoors with a dozen friends. Find balance in a fitness retreat that flows from the outdoors in. Steal a moment of serenity on your private balcony or patio. Or step out into the rich landscape of Bay Meadows with parks, trails and plenty of spots to meet up with friends.

Photographer Credit: Brian Kitts Visuals / @BrianKitts

Photographer Credit: R. Brad Knipstein Photography / @rbradlyphoto

Go Behind-the-Scenes with GTS Landscape Architecture:

We recently caught up with Gary Strang, Principal of GLS Architecture, our landscape architecture firm at Hawthorne. Gary describes how the inspired modern aesthetic and lifestyle of the building extends into its surroundings:

Bay Meadows is recognized for its welcoming parks and shared open spaces, so we’ve carried that idea into the enclosure of the building.

What’s unique about the Bay Area is the mild climate that allows many indoor activities to occur out of doors. Working closely with the architects, we created a continuous flow of spaces from indoors to out, from fully enclosed cozy common rooms to outdoor semi covered trellised hearth, dining and cooking areas completely open to the weather. Similar couch-like arrangements, furnishings, light sculptures, materials and colors are repeated both inside and out.

Photographer Credit: Brian Kitts Visuals / @BrianKitts

Can you describe the intimate garden rooms, three semi-private furnished niches that were made with those working from home in mind?

Remote work appears to be a permanent fact of life, and we always consider that our outdoor spaces are a continuation of indoor workspaces. People will naturally be drawn under the trellis canopy for computer work, where the light levels are low so you can see your screen. We also consider making dependable zoom backgrounds just like we consider that the google earth view of your home is part of your identity.

Photographer Credit: Brian Kitts Visuals / @BrianKitts

At the end of the day, we are trying to create a sense of community which today is the most valuable commodity. 

We start by making intimately scaled outdoor places that are naturally inviting and comfortable for people to hang out. People are naturally drawn to the sense of enclosure that trellises and plantings offer with dappled light, seasonal flowers and leaves, trees swaying in the breeze, color and texture contrasts. Smooth refined materials like polished stone and stainless steel are adjacent to contrasting rustic stone, terrazzo bricks and aggregate paving.

Photographer Credit: Brian Kitts Visuals / @BrianKitts

I think people will enjoy having the balance and choice between privacy and shared open spaces, and of course, each year the cherries will be flowering.

Our planting pallet contains many coastal native plants like toyon, ceanothus and Catalina cherry, and more southern drought tolerant succulents like agave and aloe that tie into the greater landscape of Bay Meadows. But we also have Pacific Rim influence with Ginkgo and flowering cherries.

Now more than 50% occupied with new residents, Hawthorne and its landscape is coming to life! Now is your chance to be a part of this thriving new community at Bay Meadows. View the available plans here. Move-in homes are available. Contact us at or (888) 691-5774 today to schedule your tour. Be sure to join us @baymeadowslife on InstagramX and Facebook for neighborhood updates and events. |(888) 691-5774 | 3098 Kyne Street West San Mateo, CA 94403
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