Get Your Paint On Point

Looking to add some finishing touches to your home or apartment this year? We’ve gathered some great advice from fresh colors, brands that make expressing your style seamless and sensible ways and spots to upcycle or recycle your paint.

Play With Color. Be Bold.

Real Simple says, “Paint trends are shapeshifting in 2019, with painted triangles, hexagons, and semi-circles shaking up boring solid-color walls. To nail this look, you’ll need two things: first, a cohesive color palette, and second, painter’s tape to create crisp lines. According to Pinterest, searches for “mustard yellow” are up 45 percent in 2018, and the trend doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Try painting this bold color on a small accent wall or one piece of to keep this eye-catching trend from becoming overwhelming.” Don’t forget you can add some accent colors to your favorite decor items like vases, picture frames, lamp shades or even create your own custom painting using Pantone’s Color of the Year.

Lose The Painful Shopping Experience.

Picking the right paint can be painful. Make your life easier in 2019! Skip trial and error, opt for direct to a new eco-conscious, high-performing, tech-enabled and highly curated paint shopping instead. “Interior designer Nicole Gibbons wanted to solve a problem — and did. She created Clare, a new modern paint brand made with the intention to eliminate pain points of an uninspired and outdated industry. It’s direct-to-consumer, convenience-focused model features 55 curated colors, innovative peel and stick swatches, and everything to help you feel confident in your design choices.” Read more via Lonny Magazine.

Dwell writes, “…the Warby Parkers of the paint world have arrived.” Meet Backdrop, another direct-to-consumer paint experience.

Paint Smarter.

Using up what you have is a great way to reduce leftover paint. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Paintcare shares some smart and handy tips!

When you have more than a gallon, use light shades as primers for other paint projects, or donate to a friend, neighbor, or local organization who can use it.

When you have less than a gallon, consider painting a small room, like a bathroom or a closet, or experiment with accent walls, a wall with many windows, or a wall that flanks stairs. You can also recoat a scuffed-up piece of furniture. Indoors isn’t your style? Paint the brick or stone edging around your garden, or protect an old fence from weathering.

A quart is perfect for updating a window frame or two, coordinating picture frames, brightening up the inside of a bookshelf, or creating a color “pop” by painting the inside of a drawer in a nightstand.

With a pint you can personalize a tray, color a glass vase, dip the handles of your tool set, update a table lamp, or make a playful stool by dipping its legs in what you have left.

Cheer up a bird house, coordinate door knobs, make a playful candle stick, trim the edge of a mirror, stencil a tote bag, or dip some canvas shoes.

*As always, check with your leasing agent for all rules relating to paint.

San Mateo Recycling Spots.

Did you know? The Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program provided by San Mateo County helps residents dispose of/recycle their residential hazardous waste properly – for FREE! Each year you may bring most types of house paint, stain, and varnish to recycle at The Paint Drop-off Event.

Dunn-Edwards, Sherwin-Williams and Kelly-Moore of San Mateo all have Drop-Off days/hours too! Click here to find and address and call them for specifics.

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