Bike Wherever This May

With its humble origins in 1994, Bay Area Bike to Work Day (BTWD) began as a celebration of bicycles as a fun and healthy way to get to work, as well as an opportunity for those who don’t usually bike commute to try it out.  The increased focus on bicycling was also a time to advocate for improved bicycle infrastructure and safety across the region.

Fast-forward to the 2020’s.  The popular event expanded into Bike to Wherever Days for the whole month of May, encouraging riders to choose their bicycle for more of their transportation needs, not just their commute to work. Now Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days together with Bike to Work Day reflect the new hybrid model of work and life going forward. During the month of May, no matter where you need to go, you are encouraged to bike to run errands, visit friends and family, ride recreationally, and to commute to work or school. It’s great for your health as well as the environment. Bay Meadows makes all of this easy with its bike paths, bike parking and direct to San Francisco Bay Trail access from the neighborhood!

Bay Area Bike to Work Day is on Thursday, May 16th to celebrate bicycling and to get your 2024 commemorative bag! Everyone on two wheels is welcome. Show us how you roll by tagging @BayMeadowsLife throughout the month of May! We want to see your errands, commutes and where you’re riding from Bay Meadows.

When are Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days 2024?
The entire month of May is Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days, and Bay Area Bike to Work Day will be held on Thursday, May 16th — not to be confused with National Bike to Work Day on Friday May 17. In the Bay Area, because so few people work in the office on Fridays, we celebrate on Thursday, but every day is a great day to ride!

Why Bike to Wherever?
Did you know that more than one million Bay Area residents live within five miles of their workplaces?  That is an ideal distance for bicycling. In these unusual times when so few people are going into their offices, we are encouraging people to bike to shop, run errands, etc. — a great way to get out of the house, get fresh air and exercise. In a world concerned with climate change, pollution, and congestion, the question should really be “Why not ride your bike?”

Here are a few ways to participate in this year’s popular event, whether it’s in your home community or Bay Area-wide.

Pledge to Ride
Take the pledge to park the car for even just a few days during May, and then make a long-term commitment to use your bike whenever you can.  Sign the pledge.

Bay Area Bike Challenge
If you feel that you are up to the challenge, log your rides in May towards our collective goal of 30,000 miles for the 30th anniversary of Bike to Work Day as part of the Bay Area Bike Challenge. Join the challenge.

Happy bicycling and be safe out there.

Looking for a great place to ride? Bay Meadows and the surrounding San Mateo area are bike friendly and offer many different paths to ride and sights to see including the Bay Trail directly from our MidUrban neighborhood. Plus, Bay Meadows has a convenient bike map that you can download here, so you can decide exactly where to ride. Some resident favorites include Coyote Point Park, and here’s a handy list of 10 sites within a six-mile bike ride. Be sure to join us on Instagram to view resident photos, plus Stories and Reel submissions that tag the neighborhood!