Tropical Prints. Wavy Furnishings. Lagom! What’s on Trend for 2022?

Bringing nature into your home with decor is timeless, chic, and soothing. We’ve summarized an article from HGTV with the most up-to-date 2022 trends focusing on home design to look for and implement into your space, which includes several always stylish natural home decor ideas.

Move Over Hygge, Hello Lagom! Lagom is rooted in the Swedish idea of “just right.” Lagom is about focusing on needs rather than wants and knowing when you have enough. Rather than blind accumulation, lagom emphasizes buying only the items you need to live.

Bringing the Outside In. In 2022, we will see more natural colors and elements being brought into home design. Connecting our inside spaces to the outside world brings solace and peace to our homes.

Tropical Prints. This design trend makes your home feel like an endless vacation. Maximize the year-round summertime look by incorporating a tropical leaf print wallpaper into your home. Here are the top 50 picks for 2022 thanks to Houzz.  West Elm shares removable banana leaf wall paper as another option for those looking short term. *image credit:

Floral Shapes. Abstracted florals, leaves, grasses and also dried florals will be popping up everywhere in 2022.

Splodgy Shapes, Blobs, Wobbly Lines, Palm Leaves and Cacti. A sense of fun and a tropical vibe come through in patterns and designs with biomorphic and organic shapes, from wallpaper to furniture and decorative objects.

More Woven Materials. Woven, naturally derived materials like bamboo, cane and rattan bring added warmth to the design of a space. Lending that vacation vibe is Staycation’s complex and unique blend of bright, saturated colors with natural materials.

Raw, Earthy Looks Will Reign. Look for neutral color schemes and organic-with-an-edge materials to dominate in 2022, with a growing trend for stone vases and lamp bases, marble countertops, reclaimed wooden beams, chunky knitted throws, stone figurines, wood tables and chairs.

Cheeky, Curvy Furniture. Founded on a joyful, escapist approach to design, curved couches and chairs captivate the eye with interesting shapes and make the home into a chill-ready space.

Totally Tubular Shapes. Movement, ebb and flow and forms that diverge from the straight and rigid will define both tabletop objects and soft furniture.

Prismatic Forms. Creating an optical illusion and ever-changing art dominated by sunlight, this vivid design element is a show-stopper.

Quilted & Puffer Patterns. Bringing the look of the outside in, quilted and puffer patterns will be increasingly seen in home furnishings. Reminiscent of outdoor wear, this texture is cozy and inviting.

Geometric Art. Geometric forms and graphic patterns bring urban vibes to the home that make every room feel like a modern piece of art.

Checkerboard Prints. Checkerboard print is playful, graphic and punchy, taking your design to the next level.

Wavy, Undulating Forms. Flowing, wavy forms will dominate home decor. These shapes are more attractive to the eye and less jarring than harsh, sharp angles. Organic, flowing, playful forms bring joy to interior design.


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